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Parasite Prevention IN PROGRESS

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Our Memphis veterinarians can help you prevent your pet from contracting serious diseases and protect your cat or dog's long-term health with parasite prevention products.

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Protecting Your Pet's Health

Parasites are tiny organisms that can cause serious illness and disease in cats and dogs. Preventing parasitic infections is critical to protecting your pet's short and long-term health and well-being.  

Combined with regular vaccinations and routine checkups, a parasite prevention plan can help keep your pet healthy, happy and free from internal and external parasites. 

Your vet at Southwind Animal Hospital can assess your pet's risk level based on their lifestyle and the specific types of parasites found in your area. We can also address any questions you may have about how parasites can affect your pet's health.

Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention Services, Memphis

Parasite Prevention

Internal and external parasites pose serious health risks to people and pets in Memphis. Left untreated, they deprive your cat or dog's body of essential nutrients and in some cases, can even be transmitted to other pets or people in your household. Our parasite prevention products can help protect your dog or cat from these parasites:


Fleas feed on the blood of mammals and birds. They cause intense itching, which can lead to hair loss sand skin infection. Left untreated, fleas can quickly spread through your household.


Ticks attach to your pet and consume their blood. They can spread a variety of serious and potentially fatal diseases in people and pets. Fleas also cause symptoms such as itchiness and swollen skin.

Ear Mites

Microscopic ear mites appear as white specks inside the ear canals of dogs, cats and other mammals. They can cause intense itching, inflammation, ear infections and skin disease in your pet. 


This thread-like parasitic roundworm is spread through mosquito bites and makes its home in the heart, lungs and blood vessels of infected animals.


These parasites live in the digestive tract of cats and dogs, where they feed on the pet's blood. Hookworms can lead to anemia and other serious conditions.


This parasitic worm lives in the intestine and feeds on partially digested intestinal contents. This parasite can rob your pet of vital nutrients necessary to stay healthy.


Tapeworms are spread through the ingestion of infected fleas during grooming. These hook-like parasitic worms live and grow in your pet's intestines. 


Whipworms are spread through the ingestion of soil that has been in contact with an infected dog's feces. Whipworms pose a serious health risk to dogs.

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